Curbing Your Cravings: A Period Survival Guide

woman resting on the couch to curb period cravings

Every month, like clockwork, it arrives—unless you’re an irregular girlie, in which case, good luck—bringing with it the waves of cravings that many women know all too well. The dreaded period.

If you find yourself reaching for chocolate, chips, or any comfort food on a long period cravings list during menstruation, you’re far from alone. As many as 97% of women have experienced food cravings during their menstrual cycle, so you’re not alone. But why does this happen?

Understanding the “Why” Behind the Cravings

Menstrual cravings are more than just a baseless desire for sweets; they’re rooted in the complex interaction of hormones fluctuating throughout the cycle. For instance, the drop in progesterone and estrogen just before menstruation can affect your mood and appetite. Your body’s way of coping with these changes? Craving foods that may help offset the imbalance.

From wanting salty snacks during the follicular phase to an almost insatiable need for chocolate right around the time your period kicks in, these period cravings vary but have one thing in common—they signal very real changes in your body. For example, the dip in magnesium levels before menstruation can lead you to crave foods with that nutrient, including—you guessed it—chocolate.

In addition to signaling nutritional needs, our period cravings can also indicate a simple desire for comfort foods. When your hormones are out of whack, stress and mood swings can lead you to wish for the extra serotonin that your favorite carb-rich foods can provide. Understanding these cravings can empower us to make choices that align better with our body’s true needs.

Nourishing the Body for Hormonal Harmony

Balanced nutrition plays a pivotal role in navigating period cravings. Key nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, magnesium, calcium, and B vitamins don’t just help curb cravings; they support overall hormonal balance during this time. Incorporating foods rich in these nutrients can make a world of difference. Think dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and lean proteins; they’re your allies in this battle against period cravings.

But it’s not simply about what to add; it’s also about meal structure. Opting for balanced meals and snacks can help manage those sudden hunger pangs and the seemingly uncontrollable urge to indulge.

Lifestyle Tips for Craving Control

Preparing for the cravings to hit doesn’t stop at the pantry door. Implementing lifestyle changes can significantly offset the impact of period cravings and offer some semblance of control. Here are some helpful strategies:

1. Plan Ahead

Planning your meals and snacks can be a godsend. Put together a weekly menu with tasty, healthy meals you can look forward to—and plan for a few little indulgences along the way. A healthy diet means moderation in all things, and sometimes that includes a moderate amount of Oreos.

2. Meal Prep Mastery

Stock up on wholesome ingredients and prepare nutritious meals in advance, so they’re ready to go once hunger hits. This strategy not only saves time but acts as a barrier against the temptation of impulse eating less wholesome options.

3. Mindfulness Matters

Eating mindfully helps you tune in to what your body truly needs, often leading to more satisfying and healthier choices. It’s not about restriction; it’s about consciousness in consumption.

4. Hydration with a Twist

Staying hydrated is key, but who said it has to be boring? WM Nutrition’s tasty vitamin drink mixes not only keep you reaching for your water bottle but are also designed to help balance hormones and soothe cramps, turning a mundane task into a refreshing routine.

5. Work It Out

Endorphins make people happy, and happy people are less likely to turn into rage monsters on their period. Physical activity can miraculously mitigate period cravings and uplift your mood. Even walking, gentle yoga, or any form of exercise you enjoy can be incredibly beneficial.

6. Soothe the Stress

Emotional cravings can be potent. Finding non-food ways to manage stress and emotions is a crucial skill. Be it through meditation, journaling, or a hot bath, nurturing your emotional well-being can diminish the need to find solace in food.

WM Nutrition: Your Ally in Wellness

Tackling period cravings head-on requires a blend of smart nutrition, mindful lifestyle choices, and sometimes, a little extra help. Products from WM Nutrition are meticulously designed with women’s health in mind, offering a natural and effective solution to manage menstrual discomfort and cravings while improving your energy and nutrition.

So stock up on healthy snacks, plan ahead, and check out our selection of women’s nutritional supplements to feel the difference this month. You’ve got this!