Four Diet Rules For Active Women

When life gets busy, it’s tempting to just order takeout or skip your workout entirely. Here are four tips to help you make the most of your exercise routine:

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Have a pre-workout snack

A small snack before your workout can give you more energy to work harder in the gym. Ideally, it should be about 100-200 calories and more carbs than protein. If you need an extra energy boost, try our Pre-Workout formula paired with half a banana and a tsp. peanut butter.

Timing is everything

You should eat within thirty minutes of your workout to maximize recovery and protein absorption. If you ate a snack, you might want to make this a full meal. Pair your meal with our Post-Workout that’s chock full of protein and much-needed amino acids your body loses while working out.

Stock up on cherry juice

Tart cherry juice is high in antioxidants and, when you drink it post-exercise, can help reduce inflammation and aid in muscle recovery. Try 1-2 oz of tart cherry juice mixed with sletzer right before bed (bonus: tart cherries contain melatonin which will help you sleep sounder!) or buy frozen tart cherries to add to your recovery smoothie.

Eat more protein

It’s vital to get enough protein when you’re exercising to help you maintain – and build – all of that precious muscle. Experts say women should eat a gram of protein per 0.8 pounds of body weight. Our Gluten-free Protein is a great option for those who need to up their intake without eating too much.