Snack Cravings Are Not Your Fault

snack cravings are not your fault

We’ve all been there—many times. Those pesky snack cravings that grab hold of you when you’re hungry or even when you’re not.

So what’s behind these cravings?

Well, it’s a combination of evolution, chemicals in our bodies, and the addictive capabilities of sugar. These are factors that we can’t control, which means there is good news: cravings are not your fault.

We know—we’re relieved too.

Read on to find out more about snack cravings.

What are cravings?

You could say cravings are the result of a battle between two chemicals in our bodies: leptin and serotonin. Leptin is a hormone that your body uses to control appetite; it also lets you know when you’re full. Serotonin is often called a “feel-good” neurotransmitter; it influences our mood. Interestingly, serotonin is produced in the GI tract. These chemicals can go against each other; one can be telling you that you are full and the other can tell you that you aren’t. This can lead to your body trying to figure out what you need to feel content—or, in other words, cravings.

It’s also been suggested that the memory areas of our brains may play a role in cravings. Smells have a particularly strong influence on our memory, and what we think of as “taste” is actually a combination of smell and taste together. So, it’s possible that that strange desire you get for chocolate is actually a reaction to that candle you smelled.

What we crave

People are genetically programmed to crave sugar and refined carbs. In our hunter-gatherer days, humans would eat berries and honey when we would come across it; these helped us store fat for the winter. It’s an evolutionary survival strategic and a hard habit to kick!

So when your spouse catches you tiptoeing into the kitchen at midnight, tell them you’re just responding to your caveman instinct to fatten up for the winter.

Sugar is addictive

Not only are we evolutionarily programmed to seek out sugar and carbs, but sugar has been shown to be incredibly addictive.

Eating a lot of sugary foods causes your blood sugar levels to spike. This, in turn, activates your brain’s pleasure center. Once the pleasure center is activated, more cravings are triggered and you seek out more of the substances that give you a “high.” Therefore, your cravings might be your body’s way of signaling that it needs more sugar.

What to do about it

So don’t despair, snack lovers; cravings are largely beyond our control. They’re a result of our human need for sugar and carbs, the chemicals in our bodies, and these days, the prevalence of large amount of sugar in our foods and our dependence on it.

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Maybe now when you hear that bag of chips whispering your name, you’ll still respond to it, but you’ll understand why you say “yes.”

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